It is sometimes difficult to grasp the purity of the LORD because in the way of the world and the sway of Satan just about anything goes nowadays. The father of lies sells various packages describing each as freedom. However, the reality is that the only real freedom is in being forever out from under the sway of the thief that only comes to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10a). For the one thing never available to those of the thief’s domain is choice. The Sovereign Lord God Almighty has always given man (i.e., male, female) choice as well as clarity about what can be expected from a decision acted upon (Deuteronomy 30:11-20). Though the LORD desires that all choose the way of eternal life, He won’t stand in the way of a decision to choose eternal death. Exactly opposite from the thief pretending to simply want a ride in the passenger’s seat with every intention of taking full control of the steering wheel. Give the devil an inch and fullness of life is summarily forfeited.

Given the fact that the original Constitution of the United States of America was heavily influenced in the way of God (hence no surprise that “in God we trust” is printed on its currency), school teachings were expected to be in tune with the way of God; such was especially true of the first colleges or universities. Therefore, from the moment we stepped into elementary school, social conditioning began that was significantly in tune with the way of God. There was never confusion about who Dick, Jane, and Sally were. However, it appears that the same trick Satan used on Eve is in full swing: “Really? Did God really say . . .?Genesis 3:1 (NLT). The thief’s charade was allowed entrance into the business of the earth at the precise moment that Eve began to fabricate information (Genesis 3:3b), as God hadn’t said anything to Adam in regard to “touching” that particular tree (Genesis 2:15-17). For they wouldn’t be able to tend to the Garden of Eden sans touching it.  

The modus operandi (M.O.) of the thief is confusion about the most basic of things: “are you certain that grape isn’t a peach?”. So nowadays, the Word of God who is Love is being categorized in some portions of the United States as well as countries close to it as “hate speech”; the clear M.O. of the father of lies which includes the permeation of confusion. Nevertheless, those rendered sons & daughters of God by the blood of Jesus receive clarity via the Teaching of the Holy Spirit, as we walk by faith operated or powered by divine love. Neither do we hate any who are trapped in the snare of the devil. Rather, we pray/ask Abba Father for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as we endeavor to allow the effectiveness of God’s mighty power to flow through us for the benefit of all mankind. That is what the Lord Jesus did and we are His ambassadors. Therefore, we keep our eyes focused on YESHUA/JESUS.