Few things I disdain more than not doing as was said. That is, not keeping one’s word, especially when the idea or plan was their own. Recently, I was extremely disappointed with another’s lack of follow-through to such an extent that the thief who only comes to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10a) suggested an alcoholic drink but the Spirit of the Lord reminded that the Word of God was a far better antidote. That no consideration for my own twelve plus hours of preparation toward the fulfillment of their plan; and that such was the 2nd similar occurrence showed a lack respect. The thief’s whisper in regard to an alcoholic drink was perhaps pointed to a desire for numbness. However, by the strength of God within, I chose the counsel of the still small voice of the Spirit Who spoke to my spirit: “seek the peace of Yahweh/Jehovah Shalom”. As a result, by the Word of God both my spirit and my soul (i.e., intellect, will, emotion) received the peace which passeth all understanding (Philippians 4:7). Therefore, when my phone rang four hours later, I was able to calmly articulate my disappointment; that though the situation perturbed I was walking in grace untoward. Grace doesn’t require the ingestion of bad fruit; rather divine love/agape prevents the unpleasant side effects thereof. I was surprised to see evidence of Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalms 138:8a & 32:8; Philippians 1:6 & 2:13. And I began to wonder about: How many of the various addictions are rooted in disappointments? How many people don’t know that the LORD desires for every disappointment be brought to Him? I thought about how often those created in the image of God disappoint Him? Yet God never ceases to show us His love and His grace; the gift of His only begotten Son – YESHUA/JESUS Who walked in perfect obedience to the will of Abba Father that we might (free-will) choose abundant life through Him. Though the thief consistently worked through men against the Lord Jesus, He steadfastly walked toward all mankind in the way of Abba Father’s grace. Now, all “in Him” are the special possession of God who shows unfailing love and keeps His promises. Praise God for His saving grace.