I often ask/pray Abba Father, in Jesus’ name, for sensitivity to the promptings of the Holy Spirit that I may serve Him better to open eyes blinded by darkness – that those outside of His Kingdom of Light may desire to draw nearer to Him through Christ Jesus; and that those of us inside His Kingdom may come to know fullness of life from the abundant seed of His Word and the manifestations thereof kept in the Heavenly realm for us beyond the reach of change and decay (1 Peter 1:4 [NLT]), to establish His covenant in the earth. In regard to the lost, all rendered sons & daughters by the blood of Jesus who were called out of darkness are to: “birth new citizens into God’s Kingdom of Light, bring healing to the sick, cause finances to come to those in need, bring God’s compassionate love to the broken-hearted”.1 The Word of God tells us that the gospel/good news of the Kingdom shall be preached all over the world, and then the Second Coming of Christ Jesus (Matthew 24:14; Revelation 22:7,12a,20b). All “in Christ” are His ambassadors; and all rendered sons and daughters of Abba Father by the blood of Jesus are commissioned to carry the Good News to every creature of the human race throughout the world (Mark 16:15-18). As reiterated by Jerry Savelle, “All of us are ambassadors for Christ, commissioned to carry the Good News to every creature.” 2 In so doing, the LORD wants “in” on every available method which necessarily includes social media. Therefore, I share the Gospel/Good News of Christ Jesus via cross-key.com and CK Musings (a Facebook page dedicated to reflections on the Word of God), and my personal Facebook page as well as limited ways via Twitter. Of course, various ways of reaching the lost aren’t new as a significant number have received the gospel of Christ – the good news of salvation via televangelism long before social media. As succinctly stated by Savelle, “God’s Word will not return to Him void, and it’s the Word that we need to share.”3 Primary, however, is guidance by the Holy Spirit that as you go, He Confirms.

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