Blessed be the LORD God Almighty – Creator of Heaven and Earth – my Abba Father by the redemptive work of Christ Jesus.  

Blessed be YESHUA/JESUS – the WORD made flesh – the only Mediator between the GOD and man – my Savior and my Lord.  

Blessed be the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Truth – my Comforter and Counselor and Teacher Who reminds me of all things Jesus.  

Thank You, Abba Father for the mystery of Your plan from the foundation of the world revealed in Jesus the Anointed One and His Anointing – Whom You sent to destroy the works of the devil.

  • For if the devil that lost the anointing for wisdom had known, he would’ve never crucified the Christ through manipulation of the leadership whose decision-making planted/sowed the only begotten Son of God into the earth:
    • by Whose death, resurrection, and Blood that cried “MERCY!” harvested more sons & daughters to God the Father.
    • by Whose death, resurrection, and Blood upon the mercy seat led captivity (from the staging level of Paradise) into Heaven.  

Thank You, Lord Jesus for walking in perfect obedience to the will of Abba Father on behalf of all mankind; that I may have abundant life.

  • For You were sent to destroy the devil’s work made manifest in poverty, sickness, and eternal death. In perfect obedience to Your Father (Who is now Our Father), You:
    • defeated the devil and placed under our feet.  
    • ransomed all mankind by the spotless blood of Jesus.
    • compressed (within three days) eternal death into eternal life for all “in Him”.
    • restored all (who believe and confess the Lord Jesus) as heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ.
    • bestowed The Blessing of Abraham and the fullness thereof by the redemptive work of Christ Jesus.  

Thank You, Holy Spirit for Comforting, Counseling, Teaching, and reminding us of all things JESUS.

  • For the promises of God the Father are made manifest through Your dwelling within all “in Christ”:
    • the Spirit of God is in me
    • the anointing of God is on me
    • the healing power of God is through me
    • the wisdom of God is being formed in me
    • the peace of God surrounds me
    • the favor of God is upon me
    • the God-kind of love is being perfected in me