For a significant number of years, I’ve “partnered” with three: Kenneth Copeland re Kenneth Copeland Ministries (, Bill Winston re Bill Winston Ministries (, and Jesse Duplantis re Jesse Duplantis Ministries ( Familiarity with Bill Winston and Jesse Duplantis was via Kenneth Copeland. All three are God revering men of integrity, and all three are diligent re Mark 16:15-18. Therefore, my free-will decision to partner with each is for similar as well as different reasons: the similar pertains to having a hand (so to speak) in the world-wide reach of each whereas the difference pertains to (what I perceive as) the specialty of each. Both the similarities and differences are relative to Mark 16:15-18. I so desire to share this month’s partner letter from Bill Winston in its entirety but such seems inappropriate, so a few nuggets follow:  

  • The Church is the MOST POWERFUL INSTITUTION ever created on Earth, and it is backed by the MOST POWERFUL GOVERNMENT in the universe—the KINGDOM OF GOD.
  • But if believers have no revelation of their PURPOSE and POWER, and no spiritual understanding of God’s Word, the Church will be weak and could even do harm rather than good.
  • Training (is necessary) Before Reigning
    • (become ready to handle the Anointing)
    • . . . some people get ahead of God thinking they “have the goods” to slay giants but God is still developing them. One of the jobs of the Holy Spirit is to tutor you into greatness as mature sons and daughters of Almighty God; so wait on Him.
    • . . . we must become trained for the SUPERNATURAL through prayer, spending time with God, and preaching, teaching and demonstration of the Word.
    • After Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God, the next thing He did was demonstrate it. . . . He was getting the disciples ready to take over when He left and returned to the Father.
    • (For as the Prophet Hosea [4:6] warned) “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.
  • . . . too many churches have become entertainment centers instead of training centers. . . . God’s people need to be taught how to TAKE DOMINION and LIVE IN THE POWER AND VICTORY that Jesus gave us.
  • (believers must learn [train] to know how to fight the) “good fight of faith” Because the battle is already won (by YESHUA/JESUS).
  • Fixing our cities and saving our nations are our STEWARDHIP responsibility, and we start with our WORDS.  

(*Note: that within parentheses are mine.)