Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

One must know who s/he is in order to move in the power within bought and brought by the blood of Jesus; and revelation knowledge is in the WORD by the power of the Holy Spirit. The WORD of God has all the seed necessary to do whatsoever which includes personal development because one’s position as a citizen in God’s Kingdom of Light moves beyond that which is seen with the natural eye. Kingdom citizens are “change agents” with authority in the Name above all names; sons and daughters of God are co-workers with Him Who has given us everything necessary for His good purpose (2 Peter 1:3). Kingdom citizens who believe they receive everything Abba Father has given, have the ability/power to recognize or see a thing without bemoaning because they stand firm in their God given ability/power to bind it in Jesus’ Name. Bemoaning is an aspect of “pressure” which is of the enemy. Although faith has nothing to do with feeling, our Abba (Daddy) God is not un-aware of the temptation to “feel” because He came in the likeness of man; Jesus felt pressure (Luke 22:42-44, 23:34-37) but stood firmly on the WORD. This day, sons and daughters of God don’t go through as Jesus did because we were delivered from the law of sin and death; by the blood of Jesus we are now under the law of the Spirit of life. However, one who has no knowledge of an inheritance bequeathed or has been informed but doesn’t believe, is as one who refuses to receive. By the blood of Jesus we operate under a new priesthood and a new dispensation of grace (Hebrews 8:6-13; Romans 4:7-8) sans sin and guilt. Blessed and highly favored of God, neither doubt nor fear has the ability/power to hold a son or daughter of God motionless unless s/he allows. Yet a significant number of Christians/sons and daughters of God/believers do so un-wittingly because they’ve no firm concept of who they are nor Whose they are; and no amount of “talk” convinces one who is comfortable in darkness. However, nothing is impossible for God Who draws them through Jesus the Anointed One and His anointing. Miracles draw, and believers are authorized to do even greater works through Christ Jesus’ Anointing (John 14:12-14; Matthew 28:18-20; Luke 10:19; Philippians 4:13). Jesus said that for the works of God to manifest, “I must work the works of Him that sent meJohn 9:4 (KJV); and that Abba Father is always at His work (John 5:17). As co-workers with God we do by faith in His WORD powered by divine love as evidenced by the good fruit thereof. We love in the Way of Abba Father Who first loved us, and commands us to love; and we forgive in the Way of Abba Father Who forgave us, and commands that we forgive. Such neither renders one a doormat, nor requires ugly behavior. Operating in the Way of God requires comprehension and application of His WORD by the power of the Holy Spirit; which involves putting on the whole armor of God. Those in darkness (whether stranger or friend, news reporter, weatherperson, judge, family member, etcetera) will deliver a bad report but sons and daughters of God have been given the ability/power to refute it in Jesus’ Name to the glory of God.

Speak the promise . . . Harriet

Acts 20:32