Dear Sisters and Brothers in Jesus the Christ,

 And we receive from Him whatever we ask, because we [watchfully] obey His orders [observe His suggestions and injunctions, follow His plan for us] and [habitually] practice what is pleading to Him.” 1 John 3:21-22 (AMP)

 This Scripture delineates spirit realm methodology (so to speak) for manifestations to establish God’s covenant on earth as it is in Heaven:

 Keeping your eye on the Living Word + doing it = answered prayers

 God who is Love has absolutely no desire to withhold any good thing from the beloved which includes all created in His image or likeness; for it gives Abba Father great happiness to give us the Kingdom (Luke 12:32). We never have to be concerned about submitting to the will of Abba Father because fixed assets result from obedience. In other words, the grace of Love who is God has fixed it by the blood of Jesus to be all good all the time. We are able to give joy-filled praise to God, with thanksgiving in Jesus’ name, for the substance hoped for before we have evidence thereof in the natural realm because faith exhibits the utmost confidence that it’s already done. There is no other lopsided deal in all the earth or universe than THE BLESSING bestowed by the finished work of Christ Jesus; it is the disproportionately weighted favor of God because we are only required to do a few things (i.e., believe and confess YESHUA/JESUS, love one another) whereas our elder brother, Who is the firstborn and our High Priest, Jesus the Anointed One and His Anointing did or fulfilled everything necessary for the remittal that secured our reconciliation unto God the Father. Jesus is Lord because He paid it all through His life, death, resurrection and seating at the right hand of the Sovereign Lord God Almighty. God’s grace made way for the redemption of all people by the blood of Jesus (Ephesians 2:8-9). This day, both original & grafted branches on the Vine who is Jesus may choose abundant life by THE BLESSING and the promise of the Holy Spirit (Ro 11:11-17; John 10:10; Galatians 3:13-14).

 The WORD informs by revelation of the Holy Spirit that God’s plan in Christ Jesus was a mystery from the beginning of the world because had the fallen angel – Lucifer known, never would the death of the Lord of glory been manipulated through people (1 Corinthians 2:7-8). Since the time of being felled like lightning when attempting to be exalted above the Sovereign Lord God Almighty (Isaiah 14:12-15; Luke 10:18), the fallen angel – Lucifer, assisted by the other 1/3 or so fallen angels who went along with that doomed plan, relentlessly pursued the glory which initially fully clothed the first Adam. Yet, though the treason of the first man turned-over the keys and lease of the earth to that fallen angel, the glory wouldn’t be gained because the first man’s disconnected spirit from God also removed or took the glory off man. Ah, but the redemptive work of the resurrected last Adam – the firstborn – the Lord of glory, is now returning the fullness of God’s glory to those who are “in Him”. This too of the Lord Jesus’ faith which was evident as He walked in perfect obedience to the will of GOD with the utmost confidence:

  •  setting His face like flint toward The Passion (Luke 9:51-53)
  • sweating blood in the Garden (Luke 22:44)
  • remaining silent (Isaiah 53:7; Matthew 27:12-14)
  • submitting to death on a cross (Philippians 3:7; Hebrews 19:5-7)
  • entering hell wherein He preached AND took back the keys of death and Hades (1 Peter 3:18b-19; Revelation 1:18)

 This day, all “in Christ” are given the same measure of faith and the love by which faith is operated or powered or works (Romans 12:3; Galatians 5:6). Hope pertains to the future whereas faith is now; hence faith lays an immediate claim to each promise of God. Faith exhibits confidence or trust in God. Therefore, it is of faith that we say, “God said it; and the Word of God is true unto me by the blood of Jesus; so BE it unto me according to God’s Word.”

 Speak the promise . . . Harriet