It amazes to learn or to realize or to know that Christ Jesus is still working on behalf of all people. More specifically, the Lord Jesus is still advocating for the saved (those redeemed, recreated, and reconciled unto the Family of God by the redemptive work of Christ Jesus), and strategizing for the lost or the un-saved. Yes, even after paying it all with His sinless lifeblood for every nation, the Lord Jesus is still strategizing to snatch every lost soul out of the snare of the thief who comes to steal and kill and destroy. For such is the will of Love who is God the Father; and the Son of Love who is YESHUA/JESUS only does the will of Abba Father. Yes, LOVE desires to snatch every lost soul out of the snare of the devil; and the only begotten Son of LOVE strategizes with the Messengers of LOVE (the Angels of God) as well as those rendered sons and daughters of God by the Blood, for the salvation of every person outside of God’s Kingdom of Light. So too, is the hope of our family members and friends who have already transitioned – steadily joyful and smiling in the midst of the Lord Jesus and God the Father. May we who are citizens of God’s Kingdom of Light shine the light of Him who is in us ever more brightly, that the lost might desire what we have so freely been given. For GOD so loved the world and is forever faithful.