As I read Revelation of Royalty: Rediscovering Your Royal Identity in Christ by Bill Winston (2021), there’s peace from my own concern about the significant number of God’s sons & daughters (my brothers & sisters in Christ) who appear to have no revelation of all bestowed (beyond the threshold or entry of salvation) by the redemptive work of Christ Jesus (as evidenced by what is spoken out their own mouth). As the writer succinctly relays in one chapter, the parable that the Lord Jesus taught about a lost son (Luke 15:11-31) perfectly portrays such.  

Essentially, the parable describes a lost son but also portrays another unaware (and woefully resentful) son. The lost son (also called the prodigal son in other versions) finally realizes what’s accessible in his father’s house and returns to the home of his forever loving & graciously forgiving father; whereas the other son who never left the surroundings of his father’s household speaks about himself from a less-than and/or unappreciated viewpoint. The Lord Jesus said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions . . .John 14:2 (KJV); we of the Family of God by the blood of Jesus must move beyond the threshold or foyer of salvation to explore EVERY floor therein.