Oh, I’ve some definite thoughts about the actions of:

  • the first man who stood by as the enemy slyly spoke to his woman, tricking her into and then freely joining in doing contrary to the advice of GOD which ushered sin (all manner of evil) into the earth.
  • the first murderer who killed his brother out of jealousy.
  • the reinstatement of ill will by speaking a curse upon one of his sons after God made a clean slate (so to speak) of the earth.

Ah, but nothing takes He Who is Omniscient by surprise . . . all honor to Yahweh for He is sovereign, all glory to Elohim for He is supreme in power and might, all praise to El Elyon for He is above all gods, all thanks be unto El Shaddai for His faithfulness towards us as He moves effectively by His Spirit on our behalf through yielded vessels such as Seth and Enoch and Noah and Shem and Abraham and Isaac and Jacob/Israel and Joseph (whose brothers wanted to kill him because of his dreams and the fancy coat bespeaking the favor of his natural father) and Moses and Joshua and Othniel and Enud and Deborah and Samuel and David and Elijah and Elisha and the Shunammite woman (who refused to say anything except “all is well”) and Isaiah (through whom the Holy Spirit described the Lord Jesus and His mission thousands of years before He was sent of God the Father) and Joseph (who against tradition took Mary to be his wife) and Mary (whose response to the announcement of the Angel of God was: “be it unto me!”) and YESHUA/JESUS Who only did and spoke as He heard of God the Father (through Whose Blood and finished work is salvation, The Blessing, and the promised Spirit of God) and the Holy Spirit with Whom we are sealed Who brings forth revelation of the information contained in the Word of God (and Who has to be looking forward to the Second Coming of Christ Jesus as much as we who believe because we’re “outta here”/out of this earth as we now recognize it) and those “called” of the five-fold ministry gifts of Jesus – Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher (for the “equipping of saints for service, and the edification of the Body of Christ, unto the unity of faith, and the knowledge of the only begotten Son, to the full measure of His statureEphesians 4:1-13) and all who have received the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:8-28). These are they who looked forward to the first coming of Christ, and these are they who witnessed the manifestation of the Living Word, and these are we who look forward to the Second Coming of Christ ever endeavoring to earnestly reflect the LORD GOD in what thoughts we allow in our mind, by the words we allow out of our mouth, in the behavior exhibited, as we walk by faith powered/operated by agape (the God kind of love) with evidence of the good fruit we are expected, yea, commanded to produce; all to the honor, praise, and glory of God the Father with thanksgiving, in Jesus’ name, Amen.