Dear Sisters and Brothers in Jesus the Christ, 

While reading the WORD of God, and seeing the names and/or writings of those who by free-will (though some such as Gideon and Jonah required a bit more persuasion than others) allowed the power of the LORD God Almighty to work through them, I marvel at the: •Faithfulness of God the Father toward us for the mystery of His plan revealed in Christ Jesus for returning authority (which the first Adam turned-over to the enemy of God) in the earth to man (i.e., male, female) as well as The Blessing through the finished work of the last Adam who is Jesus the Anointed One. •Faith which is belief or trust in what God said (and still says for we are sons and daughters serving a living God) as exemplified by those prior to the birth of God the Son who is Jesus the Christ. •Faith exemplified during the walk on earth of the Living Word who is the Lord Jesus, through The Passion of Christ Jesus in allowing death on the cross, through His resurrection from the dead by the power of God the Holy Spirit at the direction of God the Father. •Faith exemplified by those who’ve received the five-fold gifts of Christ Jesus (which do not conflict with the gifts of the Holy Spirit) for the edification of the church – comprised of us as the Body of Christ and JESUS the universal and supreme Head as appointed by God the Father; who bear evidence of good fruit by doing or acting on the measure of faith bestowed which bring glory, honor and praise with thanksgiving in Jesus’ Name, to God the Father. From Abel to Seth to Enoch to Noah to Shem to Abram who God renamed Abraham to Isaac to Jacob who God renamed Israel to Joseph to Moses to Caleb & Joshua to Rehab to Boaz & Ruth to Deborah to Samuel to David to Elijah & Elisha to Mordecai & Esther to Isaiah, Daniel, and Malachi to Simeon to Anna to Joseph & Mary to John the Baptist to Peter, John, and Paul to present day Christians/believers/disciples/saints/followers of Christ Jesus whose blood (bought and brought the finished work of abundance & supply) redeemed, re-created, and reconciled us to the Family of the LORD God Almighty who is Jehovah Sabaoth who is Jehovah Nissi who is Jehovah Jireh who is Jehovah Rapha who is Jehovah Tsidkenu who is Jehovah Shalom who is El Shaddai who is El Elyon who is Elohim who is YAHWEH, as His sons and daughters with every right and privilege restored. This is that received by faith (not by works nor good behavior nor anything else we’ve done); it is of the grace (unmerited favor), agape/divine love, compassion and faithfulness of Abba Father, and the immeasurable length, breadth, depth and height of Christ Jesus’ love for all mankind, and the right now teachings of the Holy Spirit. To God be the glory great things He has done and continues to do, as we allow (free-will) God’s power to work through us to establish His covenant on earth as it is in Heaven.

Speak the promise . . . Harriet

(Read – Judges 6:36-40; Jonah 1 & 2; Genesis 1:26-28; Mark 4:11; Romans 16:25-26; 1Co 2:4-10; Colossians 1:25-27; Ephesians 4:11-13; 1Co 12:8-28; Ephesians 1:19-22 [AMP]; Romans 12:3; Ephesians 2:8-9 & 3:18-19; Philippians 2:13; Ephesians 3:20-21.)