Mankind is a speaking spirit who has a soul (i.e., intellect, emotions), and lives in a body. Therefore, we heed that which is allowed out of the mouth; we speak in the way of the Sovereign Lord God Almighty in Whose image (i.e., DNA, character, likeness) we were created.

  • Keep the Word of GOD in your heart (spirit); read the WORD.
  • Keep the Word of GOD on your mind (soul); meditate on the WORD.
  • Keep the Word of GOD on your tongue (body); speak/mutter the WORD.

Abba Father spoke things that were not as though they were; and Christ Jesus only spoke and did in the way of Abba Father. Therefore, we speak as exemplified by the Lord Jesus. And the Spirit of Truth – the Holy Spirit, Who reminds us of all things JESUS, teaches us how to operate in the sacred ministry-of-authority bestowed the Name above every name, to establish GOD’s covenant on earth as it is in Heaven. Glory to GOD in the highest. Peace, good will, to those upon whom GOD’s favor rest by the finished work of Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!