In Jesus’ name, with a grateful heart I thank Abba Father Who made the way for my retirement . . . Glory to GOD in the Highest! Praises BE to The Omnipresent and Omniscient and Omnipotent GOD Who gives the mind to repent, forgiveness by the blood of Jesus, and deliverance out of the snare of the devil. All praises BE to the King of kings, and the LORD our GOD, He is wonderful!

In the Name above all names, thank You, Father:
~ for providing our every need
~ for the Written Word – the lamp that profoundly lights our pathway
~ for the Living Word – YESHUA/JESUS, the mystery of Your plan revealed
~ for the Living Water – the Holy Spirit Who is the Spirit of Truth
~ for the Angels of GOD – who go before us and prosper our way
~ for the sacred ministry of authority
~ for the invaluable power of prayer
~ for the former and latter rains, and the outpouring of Your Spirit
~ for Your unconditional love, grace, and favor

Thank You, Lord Jesus:
~ for walking in perfect obedience to the will of Abba Father
~ for life in abundance (to the full, ’til it overflows) by Your Blood
~ for asking the Father to send the Holy Spirit
~ for holding the keys of death and Hades
~ for giving us the authority bestowed to You by the Father
~ for being The Vine whereof our branches grow the (good) fruit
~ for advocating on our behalf
~ for being The Rider called Faithful and True
~ for coming back again soon

Thank You, Holy Spirit:
~ for being our Counselor and Teacher
~ for eyes to see via revelation of the information in God’s word
~ for Your promptings of divine love
~ for helping us with accurate and precise prayer
~ for the representing power of God within us

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