GOD set me up! I’m a “big deal” in the eyes of God the Father because of His plan and the Lord Jesus’ agreement to carry-out the will of Abba Father on my behalf; and it is the same for every person reconciled unto God the Father by the blood of Jesus. That is how much we are loved . . . God the Father has big love for the crown of His creation. Of such is the full dimension (i.e., depth, breadth, length, and height) of Jesus’ love for us; that He would take on flesh, dwell among us, sacrifice His lifeblood, enter into Hell (imagine the surprise when He crashed what the devil and his cohorts thought was a victory dance) to take back the keys of death & Hades, with full confidence or faith that God the Father would raise Him up. (And) because Jesus walked in perfect obedience to God’s will for all mankind, the Father seated Jesus at His own right hand with the Name above every name.

When the thought crosses my mind that the Lord Jesus isn’t revered to the degree of all that His finished work has bought for and brought to usward who believe, I am reminded that the Father of all glory has glorified the Lord Jesus. Therefore, in this Jesus – the last Adam, we (man) are being returned to the same glory which once bathed the first Adam. That is, you and I are being returned to the glory (that once was) by the Blood; such is the will of Abba Father for all of the faith that worketh by love. Blessed BE the Sovereign Lord God Almighty made our Abba Father by the blood of Jesus. Blessed BE Jesus the Anointed One our Savior and Lord. Blessed BE the Holy Spirit our Comforter, Counselor, and Teacher. Blessed are the Angels of GOD our ministering spirits. Hallelujah! Thine the glory. Hallelujah! Amen.