Believers receive the Holy Spirit when they believe and confess Christ Jesus as Lord (Galatians 3:14) which is different from the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as evidenced by speaking in tongues. After His Resurrection, the Lord Jesus breathed on the first Disciples-of-Christ and they received the Holy Spirit (John 20:22); yet He told them to wait for the baptism of the Holy Spirit which they later received at Pentecost (Acts 1:8 & 2:1-4). Those rendered sons and daughters of God by the blood of Jesus only need to ask Abba Father, in Jesus’ name, for fullness of the Holy Spirit. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is now active on earth; He is THE Teacher for the Church – the Body of Christ; He doesn’t speak of His own accord (John 16:13).

In regard to God’s always good will for an individual’s life, the Holy Spirit will give a glimpse as opposed to the whole picture at once. Such limits the blab which prevents the thief who comes to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10) from learning enough to set a sabotage in motion. (Wise council is good when you’re certain about with whom you are blabbing.) Listen to the Holy Spirit, then prep for what the LORD is about to manifest through you. Only the Sovereign Lord God Almighty is Omniscient whereas Satan only knows what you talk about (though he has watched long enough to know what might set you off the love walk).

One of the beautiful strategies of praying or speaking in tongues is that the thief remains clueless about those particular conversations with God. Hence, the father of lies seeks to convince that tongues is played out. For speaking in tongues keeps the thief in the dark which is exactly where the father of lies belongs concerning God’s always good will for you and I. Abba Father has great happiness in giving His sons and daughters the Kingdom (Luke 12:32). There is no self-made mess too big for God. Nothing is impossible for God.