Recently, when a colleague received an appreciation award she thanked every member of the office/department except me. Although she consistently ask my expertise for whatever, she completely disregarded me which is tantamount to disrespect. So, I decided that the next time she sought knowledge from me, I’d tell her to ask of those she thanked. Of course, this is not even close to the way the Lord Jesus would react. (It is true that He told leaders, et al, to their face, that they were of their father – the devil, who is the father of lies. Nevertheless, His sinless lifeblood was shed for them as well as me.) Sure enough, within days this disrespecting colleague called, essentially asking me to hand-over information regarding a contact/speaker that I worked for close to six months to obtain; I chose to react by deleting to ignore this colleague’s message. Persistent, however, in what I’ve come to perceive as leech type behavior, this colleague called yet again seeking to subtract the information; and yet again, I deleted to ignore the inquiry; that the individual might conduct their own research and hone their own expertise. However, the Spirit of the LORD helped me to realize that the devil and his cohorts might be perpetrating obstruction of a blessing intended for the speaker.

So, I decided to call the speaker directly and relay the colleague’s office phone and email address. Appreciative, the speaker thanked me and voiced her opinion that I had taken the high road; and ‘though I disagreed with her evaluation of the situation, we laughed in agreement that I hadn’t taken the lower road. Satan has watched long enough to know exactly what might push a son or daughter of GOD out of agape which is the operative power of faith; and we know by the WORD that every manifestation of GOD is by faith. The fiery darts of the devil and his cohorts aren’t always loudly disruptive; rather, these can be very subtle. Nevertheless, when in relationship with Abba Father, He counsels and advises, by the Holy Spirit, all who are in Christ Jesus. The saved . . . those redeemed, re-created, reconciled and restored by the blood of Jesus are still a work in progress. (And) I’m grateful for the grace and agape of Abba Father that, by the finished work of the Lord Jesus, He is the Potter and I am the clay.