What does it mean for those rendered sons and daughters of GOD by the blood of YESHUA/JESUS to speak the promise not the problem? It means to speak as the Lord Jesus who only spoke as He heard of God the Father. It means keeping at the forefront of the mind (which requires continual renewal by God’s Word) that nothing is impossible for the Sovereign Lord God Almighty. For all things are possible with GOD; and every person who is reconciled unto YHWH/YAHWEH/JEHOVAH by the Blood are empowered by His Spirit who resides within each of us. Therefore, at the precise moment that any thought contrary to way of God the Father attempts to enter-in, we are to speak in the way of the Father who never spoke about how dark it was. Rather God said, “light BE” and light was. Wherever sons and daughters have been placed of GOD (i.e., neighborhood, job, family, city, country, etc.) we speak, as exemplified by the Lord Jesus, in the way of the Father. Therefore, at the moment of a whispered dismal thought, speak the light that is life. For the thief that only comes to steal and kill and destroy will tempt to move away from faith. However, those of the Family of God, called out of the dominion of darkness, walk by faith not by sight. Faith is strengthened by comprehension and application of the Word of GOD. 

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