Partakers of the New Covenant between GOD and man are rendered righteous by the grace of God the Father and the redemptive work of His only begotten Son – YESHUA/JESUS. Righteousness is a divine declaration by God which solidifies a just claim.  

  • righteous – correct by divine declaration; (then) acting in a morally correct way  
  • divine – holy, the nature of GOD  
  • just/justification – conforming to a standard of correctness; the state of being declared right with God

Therefore, the righteousness of God are entitled to and may expect covenant favor that rest upon, goes before, and surrounds them. (Ro 1:17 & 3:22-26 & 5:1 & 8:30 & 10:9-13; 2Co 5:21; Eph 4:24; 1Pe 3:12; 2Pe 1:3-4; Isaiah 53:11.)