A significant number of people will drop a name when they need to move pass a person, place or thing; beyond a point or present situation. Those reconciled to God the Father as sons & daughters by the blood of YESHUA/JESUS have been given the Name above all names. Christ Jesus walked in full obedience to the will of God the Father for our (man’s) behalf.

Covenant after covenant, between GOD & man, it seemed as though man wouldn’t or couldn’t hold to his part. Therefore, GOD established of Himself or unto Himself on behalf of man, yet another blood covenant. And He Who is ever faithful was working still another new thing on our (man’s) behalf through Christ Jesus who agreed to leave the presence of The One He’d always been with; to be born as man and walk as light showing us how we were created to operate in the earth.

For one thing, during The Passion of Christ Jesus, the curtain which GOD instructed Moses to divide between the holy place and the Most Holy or the Holy of Holies was torn apart. Therefore, those redeemed, recreated and reconciled by the blood of JESUS may now enter into the presence of God the Father. For another thing, when JESUS said, “it is finished”, we were set-up to receive God the Holy Spirit.

There is no better Teacher, no better Counselor, no better Comforter, no better Advisor than God the Holy Spirit; no not one. Send all your letters, requests, and concerns to God the Father, in the Name above all names – JESUS. Lean on The One who finished the work that God the Father sent Him to do for the benefit of all mankind; He is the narrow gate through Whom we may (free-will) have abundant life.

(Ephesians 1:21 [AMP]; Genesis 15:17-18; Exodus 26:31-35; John 19:30; Galatians 3:14; Matthew 7:13; John 4:34 & 5:36 & 10:10).